Thursday, February 5, 2015

Nail Guns and How to Use Them Safely

  In this post, we'll talk about Nail Guns, What they are, What they are used for, and How to handle one safely.
Nail Gun
  First of all, pneumatic nailers (commonly known as Nail Guns) are powered by compressed air travelling through air lines to from an air compressor.  These tools are extremely beneficial because the greatly speed up the installation of materials, such as:  Wallboard, Molding, Framing Members, Shingles, etc..  Typically there are different styles of nail guns that are designed to be used for each different material installation .  In other words, a different nailer is used to install shingles than the one that is used for molding, and also that is used for framing, and so on.

Nail Gun
While these tools can be very beneficial to contractors and fellow DIYers, if they are not used safely, they could be extremely dangerous!  One important safety feature of all pneumatic nailers is that they will not fire unless pressed against the material.

Roofing Nail Gun
Finish Nail Gun
The following are some good Safety & Maintenance tips to practice while using these nail guns:

    Safety Glasses
  • Always review the operating manual before using any nailer!
  • Keep the nailer oiled according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Always wear appropriate PPE.

  • Never aim the gun toward your body.
  • Never point the gun at anyone or carry one with your finger on the trigger!
  • Use the correct nailer for the job.
  • Use the correct type and size of nail for the job.
  • Never load the nailer with the compressor hose attached.
  • Never leave the nailer connected when not in use.
  • If the nailer is not firing, disconnect the air hose before you attempt repairs.
  • Keep all body parts and co-workers away from the nail path to avoid serious injury.
                  Not following these safety guidelines could result in serious injury or death!
Nail Gun Safety

Nail Gun Safety

It is my hope that this helps you gain a better understanding of nail guns.  Not only can they be dangerous and require good safe practices, but they can be very beneficial!  Nail guns can greatly speed up construction processes and can reduce labor costs.  They can also provide more precise joining of materials and reduce the amount of pre-drilling required in such applications as hardwood molding installation and cabinetry.  Hopefully this article has been of value for you and I encourage your comments.  Please feel free to leave me a comment below.  Just as I am writing about these things, I am also reading what others have to say as well.  The day that I stop learning is the day that I stop progressing!  
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